Industrial Testing

SPC Viable bacterial Count

From food, dairy, agriculture product, pharmaceutical material, cattle feed, packaged mineral water, drinking water, bore water ad industrial water.

Coliform Count
E.Coli Identification
Isolation & Enumeration
S.aureus(co agulase positive)
Salmonella Spp.
Shigella Spp.
Vibrio Spp.
Clostridia Spp.
Listeria Spp.
Yeast & Mold
Pseudomonas Spp.
Sulphite reducing bacteria
Yersinia Spp.
Sterility Test *** To check sterility of all human use preparations which are supposed to be sterile.
Preservative efficacy test *** To check the efficacy of preservative added in the pharmaceutical & food preparation rendered for human use.
Microbiological assay *** Antibiotic assay,Vitamins assay & Bio assay of serum/plasma samples which contains the antibiotic/vitamins.
Ames test ***
To check the mutagenic potential (Carcinogenicity) of new drug molecule or any chemical suspected to be carcinogenic.