Veterinary Microbiology

The health status of laboratory animal is very important to carry out animal testing for any research experiment. The animal pathogen can cause variation in various kind of Haematological, Biochemical & histopathological changes in animals used for the study.

Why animal testing?

  • Programme of health monitoring is essential to assure managers & researchers that the standard of animal health within the facility has been maintained and the experiments will not be compromised.
  • Out breaks of infections diseases occur from time to time. Out of which some may be latent or with clinical symptoms thus in such corses health of research worker is major concern.


  • For complete vaterinary management.
  • To know the gnotobiotic status of animal at the time of import is during maintenance.
  • To know specific disease status of animals.
  • To know about presence of multiple organisms.
  • Microbial standardisation for reproducible animal experiments.


  • Animal Houses of pharma industries
  • Poultry farm
  • Slaughter houses
  • CROs (Clinical research organisations)
  • Animal Husbandary I Farming


  • Lung swab
  • Respiratory swab
  • Fecal specimen
  • Urine Specimen
  • Blood Specimen


  • Swabs, Tissue, Secretions, Body Fluid (Blood Urine etc…)
  • Feaces, Organs (Visceral)

Value Added Services

  • Sample collection facility
  • Total technical support
  • In addition to wide range of tests offered; Biocare offers following services :
  • Sterile sample containers, cooler boxes, coolant I ice bricks, swabs & air plates ( for environmental monitoring.)
  • Technically qualified consultants can visit clients outside to discuss I interpret microbiological test results, demonstrate sampling techniques, assist with problem solving, provide hands-on advice & develop tailor made sampling I testing plans ( To satisfy your Hygiene I GMP I HACCP I ISO needs ).